Encourager’s Club

Dear Friend in Christ,
We are so delighted to hear of your deep desires for God and His Word. We are beginning a wonderful journey together of ministering to each other. We have a wonderful Encouragers system that has been created. It allows everyone who desires more of God’s teaching to receive every week the complete in-depth teaching from our classes here — BUT THE TEACHING MATERIALS ARE NOT FREE! We ask that each Encourager donates at least a minimum of $40 per month for CDs or $50 per month for DVDs. My prayer is, of course, that when Encouragers realize the value of the teaching they will be able to give more than this amount each month. Many, many people have testified that their lives have been changed by listening to these messages on a regular basis. I know your life will be changed also!!! Leslie is committed to pouring his heart and soul into each and every message. Please be faithful and generous in your commitment with prayers and financial support.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers.