Tour the Bible Collection

The Leslie Hale Teaching Center Bible Museum contains over 500 pieces spanning multiple centuries.

In this collection you will see multiple Geneva Bibles. The Geneva is the first Bible with numbered verses as well as the Bible of Shakespeare and the Bible the Pilgrims brought with them on the Mayflower.

Learn about The Tischendorf, see a replica of the Gutenberg Bible, Polyglot Bible, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, The Works of John Bunyan and Commentaries from theologians of the past.

Many of the Bibles on display were printed before 1782. That is an important date to remember because any Bible printed before that WAS NOT PRINTED IN AMERICA.


Please call ahead
(727) 938-0112

Please call ahead
(727) 938-0112

The Bible Museum Tour Schedule

Monday: CLOSED
TuesdayFriday: 10:00am – 4:00pm, call ahead to schedule.
Saturday tours by appointment only, call ahead to schedule.
Sunday tours after 10:00am service

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