Tabernacle in the Wilderness

As we journey and look into the Tabernacle we not only see a picture of the Lord Jesus and the believer but we see a complete picture of the plan of salvation.

Every Detail Points to Our Savior

The Tabernacle was a calling given to Leslie to reach out to Christians as well as nonbelievers to share the gospel in a dramatic, intriguing, experience that comes to life as you journey back into the time of Moses and the children of Israel. This teaching tool is built to scale as in the Old Testament and has eight teaching rooms breaking down the details of the Tabernacle.
Through the Tabernacle we see a perfect picture of the Lord Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation. Every detail of this Tabernacle points to some aspect of the person and the work of our wonderful Savior. You will see many beautiful illustrations depicting the life, the work, and the character of the Lord Jesus. Bring your family, friends, school, church, and Bible study groups.

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Please call ahead
(727) 938-0112

Please call ahead
(727) 938-0112

Tabernacle Tour Schedule

Monday: CLOSED
TuesdayFriday: 10:00am – 4:00pm, call ahead to schedule.
Saturday tours by appointment only, call ahead to schedule.
Sunday tours after 10:00am service

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